MeSTI, GMP & HACCP in Malaysia

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What is MeSTI, GMP & HACCP?

What is MeSTI, GMP & HACCP?

If you intend to manufacture/ distribute or package food products, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and other products in Malaysia, you will need to apply for HACCP, MESTI, and GMP certification for your company.

You can learn more about the standards and guidelines, training and courses required, audit, compliance, food safety management system, and hygiene, system, principles, and plan, hazard analysis critical control point, and other topics. Most businesses will hire a consultant or an agency to assist them in applying for these certifications from start to finish.

MeSTI Certification in Malaysia

MeSTI, or Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri Certification Scheme, has been introduced as a renamed framework to replace the 1 Malaysia Food Protection Scheme (SK1M). Every food processing, manufacturing, and packaging facility owner and occupant is required by the 2009 Food Hygiene Regulation to plan and maintain a Food Security Assurance Program. MeSTI meets the basic criteria for ensuring that food supplied by the manufacturer is safe for consumption in Malaysia. This certification is ideal and suitable for any small and micro food businesses that do not alhave a Food Safety Management System in place. The other certifications are for globally recognised food safety systems, such as HACCP, GMP, and ISO 22000.

MeSTI, in theory, provides the foundation for micro and small food establishments to achieve acceptable food production and processing standards. The reason for this is that many small businesses lack the necessary infrastructure, resources, technical capabilities, and expertise to obtain globally recognised Food Safety Assurance Programs such as HACCP and GMP.

Elements in MeSTI:

Design & Facility
Food Handler
Maintenance & Sanitation
Raw Material Control
Process Control
Packaging Control
Storage Control
Transport & Distribution Control
Traceability Control
MeSTI Certification in Malaysia
What Is the Purpose of Getting MeSTI Certification in Malaysia?

MeSTI is a food safety programme launched by the Ministry of Health to implement a food hygiene management and operations management system that includes food safety protection as well as food quality and safety.

Before being awarded certification with the MeSTI qualification, food operators are directed and obligated to establish and implement the ‘Food Safety Assurance Program.’ Businesses must create a framework with a national framework of expected and reported activities.

How to Get MeSTI Certification in Malaysia?

The Ministry of Health will appoint auditors to conduct on-site assessment and audits of your production premises. MOH auditors will ensure that all necessary MeSTI elements are implemented that they meet the desired limits or expectations. Following the on-site audit, there will be a follow-up audit to allow companies three months to resolve nonconformances (if any).

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certification in Malaysia

In Malaysia, MS 1514:2009 GMP is the specification established by the Food Safety & Quality Division of the Ministry of Health, aimed at increasing the level of local food producer standards for the production of healthier foods, cosmetics, and health supplements, as well as conventional medicine. Consequently, development in Good Manufacturing Practice is important to strengthen your brand awareness and boost consumer trust.

What Is the Purpose of Getting GMP Certification in Malaysia?

GMP certification provides a high level of assurance that the foods, cosmetics, and medicines were created using effective, beneficial, and high-quality methods. Items that are manufactured in accordance with GMP become compliant with market requirements.

GMP improves production quality and prepares it for sectoral criteria. Having GMP improves operating performance and eliminates improper practises through seamless procedures. Furthermore, the GMP serves as the foundation for the institution’s certification of many other food safety and HACCP requirements.

HACCP Certification in Malaysia

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is a framework that focuses on identifying and avoiding hazardous situations in the manufacturing and food distribution processes. It addresses food safety concerns by analysing and controlling biological, chemical, and physical hazards.

HACCP system was first introduced to Malaysia in 1998. HACCP standard is governed under Department of Standards Malaysia (DSM) which is a member of the National Committee on Food Safety (NCFS). The Malaysian HACCP certification scheme is recognized by the Codex Alimentarius Commission and meets higher food safety standard requirements such as ISO 22000:2018.

What Is the Purpose of Getting HACCP Certification in Malaysia?

A HACCP certification demonstrates your food establishment’s dedication to adhering to food safety regulations. HACCP certification also open access to new markets for businesses.

It is suitable for any organization who involved directly or indirectly in the food chain such as farms, fisheries, dairies, meat processors, and food service providers such as restaurants, hospitals, and catering services, etc.