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Skip the guesswork! Our ISO consultant analyzes your business, guiding you step-by-step to ISO certification and standing out from the competition!

Here’s what you’ll get at your 100% free consultation:
  • A gap analysis where we identify the areas for meeting the ISO best practices.
  • A-Z roadmap and the steps you need to take for getting ISO-certified.
  • The fundamentals for making your business ISO-compliant.

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I’m really satisfied & understand very clear in all the explanation given. Top star guidance and support from the team.
Priya RamanJebsen & Jessen Malaysia
Mr Koh had been very professional and helpful since we first engaged him with consult in GDPMD Audit.
Ashley ChenOJC Marketing Sdn Bhd
Absolutely a great pleasure to work with Koh. His company offer complete customised ISO systems for your company. Not "copy pasted" templates. What truly amazed me was I requested for fast certification due to tender requirements, he managed to get everything completed within 1 month. Highly recommend Koh to anyone looking for flexible and fast ISO certification. We will definitely be using his service again!
Dato’ Jacky Lee Director of JJ Mining Resources Sdn Bhd
Overall, I am very pleased working with Mr. Koh for getting my company ISO 9001 certified. My friend recommended him to me. Although he is young, but he is obviously very knowledgeable and his ability to develop the necessary documentation and demonstrate its professionalism assisting us to pass the audit the first time. We’re grateful for his flexibility in his consultation programme keeping the tedious paperwork and documentation to minimum level. One thing I am most happy about is my team did not complain about having more paperwork.
Ken EeDirector of Ee Osteocare & Acupunture Sdn Bhd
We have just completed our external audit with Certification Body and we have passed with no nonconformity's identified. The consultant work diligently to ensure that we have everything we need for our audit and the audit really has transformed from being a very stressful and daunting experience to hassle-free and easy process. Thank you Koh for the help.
Ms. Goh CEO of Hong Long International Group Sdn Bhd
Initially we get ISO certificate just for the sake of meeting customer requirements, apart from that, we didn’t really expect any other benefit out of this project. We didn’t really believe when we were told about how the ISO standard can help improving product quality or company processes. Everything changed after the implementation. We experience less product quality issues and reduced customer complaints. Now we do believe ISO isn’t just a piece of certification. Great job!
Chin YeeDirector of Joy & Wellness Sdn Bhd
The training provided was very thorough and the content was relevant to our industry. Can feel that the trainer did preparation and research about our industry before the training to give more training examples.
Mr. ChiaCBS Enterprise Sdn Bhd
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How Can Flexly Consulting Help?

ISO 22000 vs HACCP

Whereas HACCP is solely concerned with food safety, ISO 22000 goes a step further. ISO examines business processes and structures as well. ISO 2200 is more widely accepted both locally and abroad, and it can be combined with other ISO standards to achieve optimum efficiency.

Benefits of ISO 22000

Demonstrates to customers your organizations’ commitment to producing or trading in safe food.
Effectively manage food safety risks across the whole supply chain.
Increase market entry by regulators and major buyers worldwide.
Competitive advantage over non-certified organizations.
ISO 22000 contains the requirements of FSSC 22000 (which is a Global Food Safety Initiative, GFSI recognised scheme)

The Top 10 Must-Knows Before Applying ISO 22000 Certification

What is ISO 22000 certification and how does it impact my food business?

ISO 22000 certification is a globally recognized standard that sets requirements for a Food Safety Management System (FSMS). ISO 22000 certification is like a safety net for your food business. It ensures that everything from ingredients to packaging follows the best safety practices. ISO 22000 helps you identify and mitigate food-related risks, enhance operational efficiency, meet regulatory compliance, build consumer trust, and ultimately contribute to the reputation and success of your food business.

How to achieve ISO 22000 certification step by step?
  • Engage an ISO 22000 Consultant: The company appoints an ISO 22000 consultant to guide them through the certification process and ensure compliance with ISO 22000 requirements and guidelines.
  • Gap Analysis: The consultant conducts a comprehensive gap analysis to assess the company’s current practices and identify areas that need improvement to meet ISO 22000 requirements.
  • Implementation of Improvements: Based on the gap analysis, the company implements necessary improvements to align with ISO 22000 standards and best practices.
  • ISO 22000 Internal Audit: The consultant performs an internal audit to verify that the implemented changes meet ISO 22000 requirements and guidelines
  • Certification Body Selection: The company selects a certification body (CAB) to conduct the final certification audit.
  • Final Certification Audit: The chosen CAB conducts the certification audit to assess the company’s compliance with ISO 22000 requirements.
  • ISO 22000 Certification: Upon successful completion of the audit, the company is awarded ISO 22000 certification.
Why is ISO 22000 important for food safety and Malaysia’s regulatory compliance?
  • Government Regulations: Malaysia has stringent regulations and standards governing food safety, as overseen by agencies like the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) for halal certification. ISO 22000 provides a structured framework that aligns with these regulations, making it easier for companies to demonstrate compliance during regulatory audits.
  • Export Market: Malaysia is a significant player in the global food industry, exporting a wide range of products. ISO 22000 certification can enhance the export potential of Malaysian food products by assuring international buyers that the products meet globally recognized food safety standards.
  • Foodborne Illness Prevention: Preventing foodborne illnesses is a critical concern in Malaysia, as in any country. ISO 22000’s emphasis on hazard analysis and risk management can help food businesses identify and mitigate potential sources of contamination, thus contributing to public health.
What are the benefits of ISO 22000 certification for food industry growth?
  • Enhanced Credibility: When people see the ISO 22000 logo on your products or premises, they’ll know you’re dedicated to providing safe and top-quality food
  • Access to New Markets: ISO 22000 is recognized internationally, making it easier to enter global markets and meet the requirements of potential customers and partners.
  • Supplier Confidence: Suppliers and distributors are more likely to collaborate with certified businesses, expanding your network and facilitating growth.
Affordable ISO 22000 certification: What are the cost factors to consider?
  • Factory Renovation: Adapting facilities to meet ISO 22000 standards, including hygiene and safety requirements
  • ISO 22000 Certification Costs: The cost of the external audit fee is influenced by factors such as the business’s size, business location, and level of complexity.
  • ISO 22000 Consultancy & Training Costs: The cost of ISO 22000 consultancy is influenced by factors such as the business’s size, business location, and level of complexity. The cost of ISO 22000 training will vary based on factors such as the training method, training venue, and the total number of participants.
  • Product Testing: Conducting necessary laboratory tests to ensure food safety compliance adds to the overall certification expenses.
ISO 22000 audit: How do your services ensure a smooth assessment process?
  • Customized Approach: Unlike generic solutions, we don’t just handover template documents. Our HACCP consultants work alongside you to implement a food safety program which is uniquely aligned with your business
  • Pre-Audit Preparation: We assist you in preparing for the audit, helping you gather necessary documentation, conduct internal audits, and identify areas for improvement.
  • Ongoing Support: Our services extend beyond the audit itself. We offer ongoing support, helping you implement corrective actions and adapt your food safety management system to changing requirements.
How can your ISO 22000 training enhance our team's understanding of food safety practices?

Our interactive program offers real-world examples, customized content, and hands-on exercises led by experienced instructors. This empowers your team with practical knowledge, enabling them to apply ISO 22000 principles effectively, reduce risks, and contribute to a safer food environment.

How can your ISO 22000 consultancy customize solutions for my unique business needs?

We analyze your operations, identifying the gaps for improvement. Based on the gaps identified, our experienced consultants develop strategies and provide guidance to implement a food safety management system.

Is HACCP necessary before obtaining ISO 22000 certification in Malaysia?

Yes, HACCP is often considered a prerequisite for ISO 22000. ISO 22000 incorporates HACCP principles as part of its framework to ensure effective food safety management systems. For instance, HACCP plan will be audited, as it demonstrates your commitment to hazard control and lays a solid foundation for ISO 22000 compliance.

While HACCP implementation is indeed a recommended prerequisite for ISO 22000 certification, possessing a separate HACCP certification is not mandatory. ISO 22000 incorporates HACCP principles into its framework, and having prior HACCP knowledge greatly facilitates the ISO 22000 certification process.

My business is not directly involved in food manufacturing, can my business be certified with ISO 22000?

Yes, ISO 22000 is also applicable to food processors, distributors, retailers, food service establishments, catering companies, central kitchen, food packaging companies, logistic companies handling food transportation, warehouse companies storing food products, as well as hotels and restaurants serving food.

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Who is HRD Corp?

Human Resource Development Corporation (HRDCORP), or previously known as Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) is an agency under the purview of the Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia governed by the Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad Act 2001 (PSMB Act 2001).

Who is eligible to attend training using the HRDCORP / HRDF fund?

All registered employers with HRDF and have paid the levy for the first month of registration are liable to apply for the training grant, subjected to the existing rate of financial assistance and terms and conditions.

How Can Flexly Consulting Help?