Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil

What MSPO?

The MSPO Certification Scheme is the national scheme in Malaysia for oil palm plantations, independent and organised smallholdings, and palm oil processing facilities to be certified against the requirements of the MSPO Standards. It provides general principles for the implementation, establishment and improvement of the operational practices of sustainability to ensure sustainable production of palm oil.

The 7 Principles of the MSPO Standards

The MSPO Standards contains seven (7) principles which form the general requirements of a management system framework, based on the three pillars of sustainability, i.e. economically viable, socially acceptable, and environmentally sound.

Management commitment and responsibility
Compliance to legal requirements
Social responsibility, health, safety, and employment conditions
Best practice
Environment, natural resources, biodiversity and ecosystem services
Development of new planting

Why Do You Need MSPO for Your Plantation?

The Malaysian Palm Oil Board, under the Ministry of Primary Industries requires all palm oil plantations with above 40 hectares must be MSPO-certified in order to maintain/ renew their Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) license.

Benefits of MSPO

Adherence to environmental, health and safety policies
Compliance with applicable Malaysian legal and industry requirements
Biodiversity and social enhancement
Transparency & credibility are assured
Better access to bank loans and capitals

Who will need MSPO?

Independent smallholders
Organized smallholders
Palm Oil Mills
Palm Kernel Crushers
Palm Biomass & Biofuel Plant

How Can Flexly Consulting Help?

Gap Analysis

Identify the gaps within your company’s current Management System in order to fulfil the best practices set by the international standards.

Customised consultation

We believe every business is unique, we customise and deliver our consultation programme according to your business needs (We don’t just hand over the templates to you😉)

Hassle-free implementation

Assist in developing a straight forward and “easy-to-maintain” management system with minimal documentation.

Knowledge Transfer

Provide training and step-by-step guidance to your company personnel in, not just implementing the system, but even maintaining it after getting certified.

Internal Audit

We review the compliance of your actual activities to MSPO audit requirements and company records prior to your certification body audit.

Certification Support

Provide assistance and advice on preparation and external audit by your certification body.


Need Certification Fast?

Many small-medium businesses need quick certification to hit deadlines for proposal submittal, government contracts, and other urgent needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet your goals.

100% HRD Corp Claimable.
No Upfront Payment Required.
We are a registered HRD Corp training provider, all of our certification training is claimable under HRD Corp SBL Khas scheme.

Who is HRD Corp?

Human Resource Development Corporation (HRDCORP), or previously known as Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) is an agency under the purview of the Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia governed by the Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad Act 2001 (PSMB Act 2001).

Who is eligible to attend training using the HRDCORP / HRDF fund?

All registered employers with HRDF and have paid the levy for the first month of registration are liable to apply for the training grant, subjected to the existing rate of financial assistance and terms and conditions.