Supplier Ethical Data Exchange

What is SEDEX? What is SMETA?

SEDEX is a non-profit membership organisation dedicated to driving improvements in ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains. Over 60,000 organizations from over 180 countries have joined SEDEX, making SEDEX the largest collaborative platform for sharing ethical supply chain data, thus providing an innovative and effective supply chain management solution.

Whereas, SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) is the audit methodology created by the Sedex membership which is a compilation of good practice in ethical audit technique. SMETA helps auditors conduct high quality audits that encompass all aspects of responsible business practice. SMETA has been developed to provide guidance for both 2-Pillar and 4-Pillar audits:

SMETA 2-Pillar audit comprises:

Labour Standards
Health and Safety
Additional Elements:
Universal Rights covering UNGP
Management Systems
Entitlement to Work
Subcontracting and Homeworking

SMETA 4-Pillar audit contains in addition:

Environment (extended) – this replaces the Environment (shortened) section detailed above
Business Ethics

Why join SEDEX?

By becoming member of SEDEX, it gives businesses credibility for meeting the business ethical conducts, hence it reduces the burden of business by having to face multiple audits obtaining certifications. Besides, SEDEX member gains reputation for operating their businesses responsibly and ethically, hence attracting customers and investments.

Benefits of SEDEX

Reduce audit fatigue by providing one format for audits that is widely accepted
Comply with Malaysian and international human rights legislations
Promote environmental, health and safety practices
Provide confidence on ethical performance to non-government organizations and custo

Who will need SEDEX?

Sedex supports businesses of every size, scale and sector

How Can Flexly Consulting Help?

Gap Analysis

Identify the gaps within your company’s current Management System in order to fulfil the best practices set by the international standards.

Customised consultation

We believe every business is unique, we customise and deliver our consultation programme according to your business needs (We don’t just hand over the templates to you😉)

Hassle-free implementation

Assist in developing a straight forward and “easy-to-maintain” management system with minimal documentation.

Knowledge Transfer

Provide training and step-by-step guidance to your company personnel in, not just implementing the system, but even maintaining it after getting certified.

Internal Audit

We review the compliance of your actual activities to SMETA audit requirements and company records prior to your certification body audit.

Certification Support

Provide assistance and advice on preparation and external audit by your certification body.


Need Certification Fast?

Many small-medium businesses need quick certification to hit deadlines for proposal submittal, government contracts, and other urgent needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet your goals.

100% HRD Corp Claimable.
No Upfront Payment Required.
We are a registered HRD Corp training provider, all of our certification training is claimable under HRD Corp SBL Khas scheme.

Who is HRD Corp?

Human Resource Development Corporation (HRDCORP), or previously known as Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) is an agency under the purview of the Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia governed by the Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad Act 2001 (PSMB Act 2001).

Who is eligible to attend training using the HRDCORP / HRDF fund?

All registered employers with HRDF and have paid the levy for the first month of registration are liable to apply for the training grant, subjected to the existing rate of financial assistance and terms and conditions.